Great thing to have,great for camping,(great for anything) its not hard, I mean I'm only 9 and I'm doing chemistry and alchemy. Materials: 1.Plastic bottle 2.3 quarters of water 3.vegetable oil 4.food coloring 5.alka seltzer

Step 1:

Get a bottle, (coke bottles work best) but I'm using a "Sobe" bottle.

Step 2:

Add 3 quarters of water into your bottle

Step 3:

Add vegetable oil almost to the top.

Step 4:

Add at least 10 drops of food coloring.

Step 5:

Add alka seltzer.

Step 6:

Watch it float. P.S red and blue work best.P.S#2 don't put the cap on until it stops fizzing or it will explode.
<p>What a great IDEA!!!!</p>
That's pretty cool
Sorry don't got a video
ok? video?

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Bio: I'm Brennan I'm thirteen and I like to invent things!
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