All Aluminum 16' Boat W/50hp





Introduction: All Aluminum 16' Boat W/50hp

This project is worth the extra money it costs for material, it's 3/16" thick aluminum, so basically, its unbreakable. the other great thing, is it only weighs 700 pounds without the engine. 50 hp will push it up 35 miles/hour, which is pretty fast on the water.

Step 1: Getting Started

This boat was built from drawings I purchased from Glen-L Marine. $160 was all it cost, for hand drawn blueprints, worth every penny. it provides material lists, hints and fixture plans, plus aluminum spec sheets.

Step 2: Welding Aluminum Will Take Practice

All that was used to build this boat was a grinder, skill saw, drill, and hand tools. Templates were constructed from the drawings, and the plates were doubled up when two of the same were cut.

Step 3: The Interior Can Be Finished in a Number of Different Ways.

A closed in cab, side console, bow rider, or just open. The next one will have wood deck boards on the floor, because the aluminum can get a little noisy.



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was there a web link for the specs? it looks great.

I do with the drawings, but the Glen-L website will give you the material list on every boat drawing, so you can price the material before buying the plans.