Picture of All Ghillied Up..Want to look like a real Sniper?
Here's how to make you very own ghillie suit. If you dont know what a ghille suit is, or havnt played Call of duty 4 have a look.

Although you can buy pre-made suits from army surplus stores i prefered to make my own, and heres how for only a few dollars.

Step 1: First off, why would you want to?

Picture of First off, why would you want to?
First off you need to decide a few things.

***Where are you going to use it?***

For me in Aus, theres only a few options, considering most of the bush (forest) looks the same. I chose the Australian military AusCam which has been specifically designed for our conditions.

Depending where you live or where u want to use it will determine the disruptive pattern you'll need.

***What for and how are you going to use it?***

There are a few options here to choose, Paintballing, Bow or Rifle Hunting, the choice is yours. The difference between these is wether you are going to be stalking somthing, buy walking or crawling. Depends if you need full-body or just your back covered.

The Common styles are:
Jacket and pants
Filght suit

I chose a sniping prone ghillie style, where only the back of my suit will be covered, to prevent it from catching on whatever I might be crawling over. Simply made up of a long sleeve shirt and pants.
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to'bryant9 months ago
Thanks for sharing, looks good.
Cpt_Spaz1 year ago

If you liked this make sure you check out my guide on how to be a sniper.I have had my sniper for 13 years, so i know what I am doing;)


DMACJJ9091 year ago
Holy crap I couldn't find u in any of them :D
ay yo im aussie
zelback12 years ago
It's very true that the environment is key when deciding on coloring, but a ghillie suit is not always necessary to break up the outline of your body. You just have to anticipate how people look for a person in an environment and counter that method by rendering it useless. In leafy woods, desert areas, or barren snow, you should use the blotch style pattern. This is because the vegetation around you is more prone to blotches and spots than stripes: (The leaves in the woods, the small stones and lumps in desert sand and in snow.) However, in areas such as an evergreen forest, or jungle areas, you will want to use a broad slash type pattern. This will be because the environment is more prone to broad lines such as the vines and limbs in the jungle, and the cones and separate branches of the evergreen trees. In areas with tall grass and brush-type vegetation, you will want to use a narrow slash-type pattern. As before this is because the area around you has a tendency to run to smaller, thinner lines. [The individual stalks of grass, and the small twig-like branches of the underbrush.] In all of these, you will want to look at the colors around you to decide what colors to use. What is the dominant color? What colors are most often seen next to each other? In addition to this, someone who wants to hide at really close range can use camoflauge to reduce the natural shadow patterns of the body. If you want to do this, pay special attention to the spaces between the fingers, the area under the nose, and the "V" shape that occurs where the arms join the body, as well as in the crotch area. All of these are things that our eyes and minds are instinctively trained to look for in order to identify a human body. If possible you should wear a scarf or some other material around your neck to reduce or disrupt the rather obvious shape of a head being on a body. Use camoflage cloth to span the area between your arms and your body as well as between your legs to make your body appear to be one solid lump instead of a group of limbs and digits that is easily recognizable in the wilderness. When applying camoflauge to the hands, you should use lighter colors between the fingers and darker colors on the rest, this way the natural shadow pattern of your hand is diminished. When coating the ears, a different color should be used on the insides than what is on the back, so that the pattern will be broken. Follow these rules, and you will be very well off.
On another note, ghillie suits are typically more effective when in areas where the vegetation is very dense and there are fewer open spaces. This is because the material of a ghilie suit is also dense. without the grass in the picture above being high enough to kneel behind, I believe we would see the sniper without difficulty.

Are you a real sniper or something?

TP_inc1 year ago

This is pretty awesome i am working on one right now. How long should the strings be?

Tykilla618 2 years ago
Bro that's so cool
Its pretty lame when someone goes out of their way and makes an account just to say something stupid four consecutive times. Its doubly lame when that person is barely educated enough to spell a four letter word. Congratulations, Tykilla618.
SMOKINACE992 years ago
I'm too lazy to make one but I bought one or 65$
Tykilla618 2 years ago
Bro that's so cool
Tykilla618 2 years ago
Bro that's so cool
Tykilla618 2 years ago
Bro that's so cool
lax-ninja2 years ago
what can u use insted of burlap?
oyasser2 years ago
amazing man, thums up :)
Where do I buy these?
YAY! A fellow Aussie!
Arkieeskimo2 years ago
good one hope to do this with my kids as a arts and crafts make your own camo kind of thing...
They will love it for hunting and paint ball.
jute not tute sorry
can you use tute sting as opposed to going through all of the trouble of taking the bags apart and if so what thickness should i use?
millnerman6 years ago
you can also use cotton string instead of coffe bags(walmart,ace hardware,etc can anyone tell me if sesal will dye??? i bought in a big pack at menards and i wana know if it will work
yeah but cotton wont last as long its not as durable.
Actually, cotton is more durable because it doen not fray like burlap. Burlap frays because it is made out of plant fibers
ummm....cotton isnt from animals or synthetic. I pretty sure it grows on a shrub, so technically it is a plant fiber lol. IDK maybe your wording?
yeah, i know cotton is a shrub, it was my wording. cotton is a plant fiber. and i dont know what i was talking about. my brother must have gotten on the account. BURLAP IS THE BETTER CHOICE. sorry for the confusion. It blends in well and distorts the natural human shape. the whole point of a ghillie suit is to break up the shape of the human body and let it fade into the surrounding world.
But wouldn't it help for it to fray since its a ghillie suit and you want to sort of blend in? I would think if every string were a constitent size it would just look like you glued green spaghetti to a shirt rather than a shirt made out of plantlife...Correct me if I'm wrong.
you are correct you would want burlap instead because it can be mistaked for real plants more easly
It dosen't have to fray, you can attach camo or green or whatever coulour string;
it will last longer that way.
I agree with 'squirrelMLM' you want the burlap to fray because it distorts your
out line. It's harder to pick out a bush in the forest than a speghetti yeti thing. There are negitives to burlap though because its highly flamable ;but its better becuse its
natural plan fiber. You dont want to smell like a new car because a animal
can smell you from a mile away. Some people actually wading into a pond or
rolling in dirt/mud with your suit on (ghillie suit) to make it smell natural. (remember the jute has to be dyed.)
The3rdPunch4 years ago
Yea by the time you find him your already dead. Great job Stealth5! I'm also more of a ninja/sniper than a rifleman, although I use my M9 colt spring pistol instead of a sniper rifle. Hey, what kind of rifle is that?
Uhm no offence, but M9 is beretta.
I meant 1911. Stupid old keyboard I got a new one since then. I got it at walmart :D It doesn't work anymore and I've upgraded a bit. Have a G&G combat machine, and Two KWA M93R's.
kalzan3 years ago
Does it matter how long the strands are?
last comment i spelled from wrong it said form. my bad.
so i got fustrated with my first suit so i bought a kit and i got to choose my colors.
the website i got it form was http://www.milestactical.com
they have great kits. check them out.
finn123453 years ago
you spelt geared wrong and if you were gonna say ghilled what would that mean
In the third pic you are slightly down and to the left to the center of the picture.
so were can i find some jute bags or burlap??
never mind i found it at a fabric store for 3$ a yard.
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