Step 5: Strand by Strand... 5 down 895 to go

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Ive you've come this far your doing well.

Okay so you've got all the threads you need, the netting has been glued onto your BDU's and you ready for the next steps.

Attaching the threads is a slow process so you need to be patient. Firstly you need to gather about five strands of you thread, then fold them in half making a loop, push the loop end thru the netting, then push the tail ends back thru the loop, which should look something like what I've done.

Just keep repeating that on the pants and hat, making sure to mix your colours around and not to make it to heavy. Any gaps can be filled with strips of dyed hessian, just to add to the effect, plus real plant matter can be added in the field.
ninjaduck225 years ago
thanks for the guide it really helped
ninjaduck225 years ago
i got a big roll of this stuff for $7 at micheals
minerug6 years ago
Would that cheap kitchen sting work instead of hessian?
kicko minerug6 years ago
scuba03 kicko5 years ago
yes but at risk of sounding like a snob i think the kitchen string would not last as long as the hessian i have a hessian bag from my grandfathers house that is over 50 years old. and still holding strong.
how many pounds of thread do you have
strato966 years ago
why are u giving me the finger? LOL!!!
Uhhh it's not very nice.
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
supersnafu6 years ago
you could use tapestry jute too. i had used like the net the 3d camo of usa army, it's great
LBos116 years ago
where could i get hessian jute bag?
when u say hessian, u mean potatoe sacks, right?