Hi everyone. I have used so many guides and tips from Instructables and it has helped me very much on my way and I felt that its time to give back to the community. Excuse my English if there are any errors! I remember the first days that I was introduced to 3d printing technology and my first 3d printer build. It was a prusa with a lot of printed parts. Even now still in my country 3d printing is not that widespread and printing services are really expensive. I remember the frustration of sourcing parts and finding replacements and getting everything to work! On the other hand laser cutting can be found cheaply and as I was searching I didn't find any all laser cut printers and when you dont have a printer, sourcing the printed parts can be bit of a pain. So in my free time I started redesigning the printed parts so they can be produced with lasercutting. I hope this can help people like me in the past, who dont have access to 3d printing but want to build a 3d printer for themselves. I have tested it, it works really good and gave outstanding results and prints, in my opinion some of the part are even better off laser cut than printed. But if you like you can self improve to printed parts that are printed on your own printer free of charge!

It has the same specifications as a Prusa i3 except for the z axis that can move a few centimeters shorter because of the bed being raised a bit but this can be over come by raising the extruder mount a bit. I have printed both PLA and ABS with it, and as low as 30 micron layer height, it prints perfect circles and nice overhangs and smooth surfaces and tall object are not crooked.

Im sorry that I dont have pictures of all the steps because as I was experimenting I thought things would change, but worked really well and I haven't had the time to take them apart and get pictures of all steps but I will explain the steps as well as I can!

Note that the files that say 6mm should be cut out of 6mm acrylic and the ones that say 3mm should be cut out of 3mm acrylic. I myself did not have 6mm acrylic at hand so I cut the 6mm parts two times out of 3mm acrylic and glued them together. But if you have access to 6mm acrylic it will make a more rigid printer!

I hope this can help! Lets get started then! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IF YOU THINK MY WORK DESERVES IT :)

Step 1: Parts

The printer uses the same mechanical an electronic parts as other prusa printer.


1. Smooth Rods 8mm diameter, 2 * 380mm X axis, 2 * 410mm Y axis, 2 * 320mm Z axis totaling to 2220mm but get a few centimeters longer so your not short after cutting.

2. Threaded Rod 8mm diameter, 2 * 450mm totaling to 900mm but get a few centimeters longer so your not short after cutting.

3. Stepper motors 4 * Nema 17 Motors

4. 10 * Linear Bearing LM8UU

5. 2 * 300mm T8 8mm Leadscrew with copper nut

6. 2* Motor to Leadscrew Flexible Coupling 5*8

7. GT2 Belt 850mm Y axis, 800mm X axis totaling to 1650mm get it in one piece and cut to size when your fastening the belt, also get a few centimeters longer.

8. 2 * GT2 Timing pulley 20 Teeth 5mm bore, 2 * GT2 Timing Pulley Idler 20 Teeth

9. 12 * 8mm Nut and Washer for threaded rod

10. 60 * M3 screw 15mm length

11. 75 * M3 screw 10mm length

12. 10 * M3 screw 30mm length

13. 150 * M3 Nut and Washer

14. Lasercut Parts

15. 4 * Spring for Bed


1. 1 * RAMPS Board

2. 1 * Arduino Mega 2560

3. 4 * Pololu A4988 Stepper Motor Driver

4. 3 * Endstop w/ cables Optional

5. 1 * Power supply 12 V 15 A w/ cables

6. 1 * MK2 PCB Heatbed 200*200mm

7. 1 * 100K Thermistor

8. 1 * Extruder Fan Optional

9. Wires as needed

10. Glass Plate 200mm * 200 mm, 3mm

11. Kapton Tape

12. 4 * Binder Clip

13. MK8 Extruder*

14. RepRap Discount Full graphic smart controller Optional

The Extruder mount is designed for a MK8 extruder but can be easily redesigned to work with anything. If your having problems or have any questions feel free to contact me I'll be happy to help! :)

Make sure you have everything in advance then start building.

<p>Hey, the smooth rod you mention is 8mm but your Linear Bearing is LM12UU. typo? but your arclic is cut 15mm hole</p>
<p>Hi, 8mm is right. Sorry I thought LM12UU was the name of the series of linear bearings! It should be LM8UU will edit right away. Thanks for pointing it out! I checked the acrylic drawings they are 8mm and correct. Could you specify where is the 15mm hole?</p>
<p>Hi Noyan,</p><p>Yes LM8UU, the diameter is 15mm. So the 15mm hole should be correct. I'm currently making one for my self. Waiting for parts coming in :-) . If i encounter any issue during the build, i'll seek for your advice!</p>
<p>Im happy to hear that! Feel free to contact me I will be happy to help! Share this project if you like it :)</p>
<p>Hey,do you also have a design for a small 3D router ;.)</p>
<p>Hey! Im sorry but no, not a the moment, but I have it on my mind and will work on it :) Follow me if you like I will keep posting my work and updating! </p>
<p>سلام</p><p>ممنون که باعث افتخار ایرانی هستید</p><p>نحوه ارتباط باهاتون???</p>
<p>Salam, mamnun az shoma :) </p><p>noyanps@gmail.com</p><p><a href="https://t.me/noyancs" rel="nofollow">https://t.me/noyancs</a></p>
I was looking for something like this for a long time because the printed part were kind of a pain. I think Im gonna try it! Nice job! Thank you
<p>Your welcome! Just happy I could help! Any questions feel free to contact me :)</p>
<p>That's awesome! Great job :)</p>
<p>Thank you! That was really sweet :)</p>

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