I'm totally into Arts and Craft...anything interest me. I've been looking into metal art...but not being able to weld for lack of equipment was a major drawback...being surfing for a cheap welding kit...but all the prices were way... to high for me. Imagine my excitement when instructables put up this challenge...and the prizes!!! wow! My mouth is still drooling.....so please pretty please...VOTE FOR ME :-).
Below is my metal art....using soldering ....for those lucky once who have a welding kit....go ahead and weld...it's so much easier and better! I remember seeing something like this online while surfing for metal art...but i cant recall where.

Step 1: What You Need...

To color aluminium sheet...you are supposed to use patina for metal...now....i have never used it...so i went to the stores and  asked for patina to color aluminium....I got a total blank look....i was offered  putty!  could be language  problem...we do not speak English in my country...so maybe it's called something else...
Anyway....they probably thought i was bonkers...as women usually..... in my country......do not get into woodwork, metal work or any predominantly male work :-)...so I'm weird.

Basic materials you need:

Aluminum sheet
Black paint
hot glue gun
Strong wire...but you should be able to bend it when pressed real hard by hand
Oil based Wood stains (my alternative to patina)
Soldering iron and  soldering wire
Some wires...to bind the strong wire( since the strong wire doesn't get soldered)..I used the wire from some of my old                   burnt up insulated wires
you have done so well its hard when you dont have funds to do what you really want you could use old coat hangers and inks to colour good luck
Thanks for your lovely comment! yes..it would be great to have the right tools..well saving up :-)...drink cans are free...but we don't have much of them here...most drinks are in plastic bottles now .
you could also use old drink cans for your boats they are free
Great tutorial!! <br> <br>Beth
Thanks! :-)
hey! I love your work.
Thanks! <br>
I voted for you! Thank you for inspiring me. You gave me a great idea for an art piece for my blank wall. <br> <br>Love this!
THANK YOU very much! :-) don't forget to rate it too. BTW...i'll be putting another one up..wood and metal wall art- tin punching. :-).... thought this is much easier as you need only to learn how to solder :-)...which can easily be achieved by practice :-D
Thumbs up shazni :) ... Super piece of work.!
Roger that!!
Good job!!! 5 star.
Thanks! don't forget to rate it...and when it get's in the metal contest...please vote...as you would have noted...i craaave the welder. :-D
Roger that!
Roger that!
Excellent work.I love your work very much.I wish I have some time to do these stuffs.Keep it up.
Thanks :-)

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