Step 4: Assembling

Paint your wire strips black...or if you can find black wires (like pipe cleaners) that too is fine. Place it on the sails at the top and bottom and  hot glue it....it would adhere better if the surface has a bit of varnish on them..so make sure to vanish the back too in the previous step.
put a bit of UHU glue or hot glue to the top of the mast and wrap the flag tightly around the mast. Next attach the boat. Finally attach the sails.
Place the waves on the floor and place your boats on it....You may follow the picture or place it anyway your heart desires :-)
Take a snap shot so you wont forget how it's placed.
Now remove the boats and slowly attach the back boats first to the waves with the black wire( twist it well)...attach where it's covered by the sails.
Pull the waves up a bit  when you are attaching the front boats so it would be higher.
Step back...look and tweak the waves hear and there to give a better dimension.

Now nail your wall and hang your wall art :-D

Ta Da!
you have done so well its hard when you dont have funds to do what you really want you could use old coat hangers and inks to colour good luck
Thanks for your lovely comment! yes..it would be great to have the right tools..well saving up :-)...drink cans are free...but we don't have much of them here...most drinks are in plastic bottles now .
you could also use old drink cans for your boats they are free
Great tutorial!! <br> <br>Beth
Thanks! :-)
hey! I love your work.
Thanks! <br>
I voted for you! Thank you for inspiring me. You gave me a great idea for an art piece for my blank wall. <br> <br>Love this!
THANK YOU very much! :-) don't forget to rate it too. BTW...i'll be putting another one up..wood and metal wall art- tin punching. :-).... thought this is much easier as you need only to learn how to solder :-)...which can easily be achieved by practice :-D
Thumbs up shazni :) ... Super piece of work.!
Roger that!!
Good job!!! 5 star.
Thanks! don't forget to rate it...and when it get's in the metal contest...please vote...as you would have noted...i craaave the welder. :-D
Roger that!
Roger that!
Excellent work.I love your work very much.I wish I have some time to do these stuffs.Keep it up.
Thanks :-)

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