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Did you know you could burn awesome-smelling incense and be green at the same time? Neither did I until I built the all-natural incense burner. Made from nothing but recycled materials gathered from nature, this rustic burner is both pleasing to the eye, and made from the best stuff nature has to offer. (That and some miscellaneous hardware =P)

This burner is great to have in your own home or to be given as a gift.

Step 1: Gather what Nature gave you (and some other parts)

Picture of Gather what Nature gave you (and some other parts)
In order to build this burner, we'll have to harvest several branches from a tree. Now I imagine all you hippies flipping out right about now about me killing trees for incense, so before you write angry comments, rest assured that the branches I used were from an already felled willow tree that would only be turned to mulch anyway. This is completely 100% recycled wood, I'm pretty sure hippies like that stuff, so hopefully we'll keep them at bay for now.

You'll need:

A large branch - I used a 2 1/2" - 3" around piece of green willow
A smaller branch - About 3/4" is perfect
Dremel (alternatively you could just use big power tools, but where's the fun in that?)
Tiny (3/4" - 1") nails
Sod shovel (flat one)

Crucio6 years ago
I love the idea. Great job. I made a holder out of a huge tree seed pod I found on the beach in Jamaica a few years ago. It already had the perfect contours, so all I had to do was clean out the sand and apply polyurethane to strengthen it and to give it a nice glassy look. I'll post a picture if anyone is interested. Aside: I've seen those green cutting boards in several instructables. Could you tell me what the brand is and where I can find one?
J@50n Crucio6 years ago
Www.matandquiltcutters.com/green-rotary-mats.HTML Hope that helps! S
J@50n Crucio6 years ago
I saw u dident have a reply so I said what the hay right? My mom has one and you can buy them at sewing stores or Craft stores, I will post u a link in a few if I can find one
Good Idea considering incense is made with about as natural stuff as you can find.
Some of it, at least.
finnster7 years ago
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Very nice!