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Be it for hanging our pictures, photos or even to highlight the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION list or even to hang the everyday TO-DO list, FRAMES are something that we all need.
Today I will show you how easily you can make your own frame, just by using - Cardboard and Duct tapes

You can even personalize it and make it just a perfect gift for Valentines Day or Birthday Gift for your loved ones!!

Step 1:

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Make two frames out of cardboard. Make one a bit bigger than the other.

For making Frame - You need to make a little stand, so that you can place it on the table.
For Hanging - Just make holes at the top and fasten it with a string.
For making TO-DO list - Just use cello-tape and stick it.

Step 2:

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Cover all the sides of the small square using a mono colored duct tape.

Step 3:

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Trim off the sides of the tape to get a smooth proper finish. And use a very pointed sharp knife to get the right lining.

Step 4:

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In the same process cover the bigger square with a pattern DUCT TAPE, and trim off the extras.

Step 5:

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Now stick the two pieces of cardboard and get the finished product.

Step 6:

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You can also do it with a single cardboard and design it any any manner you love to.

But do remember to use the cardboard with good combination color and design it bright!!


gloriouskau (author)2013-03-10

Cool idea! Gonna try it out :)

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