Picture of All Purpose Frame with Cardboard and Duct Tape
Be it for hanging our pictures, photos or even to highlight the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION list or even to hang the everyday TO-DO list, FRAMES are something that we all need.
Today I will show you how easily you can make your own frame, just by using - Cardboard and Duct tapes

You can even personalize it and make it just a perfect gift for Valentines Day or Birthday Gift for your loved ones!!

Step 1:

Picture of
Make two frames out of cardboard. Make one a bit bigger than the other.

For making Frame - You need to make a little stand, so that you can place it on the table.
For Hanging - Just make holes at the top and fasten it with a string.
For making TO-DO list - Just use cello-tape and stick it.
gloriouskau2 years ago
Cool idea! Gonna try it out :)