All Terrain Robotic Trike Test Drive





Introduction: All Terrain Robotic Trike Test Drive

This is my ATRT (All Terrain Robotic Trike) robotic platform, during a test drive, today, 03-04-2009.

I have spent a while redesigning the ATRT recently, and posted a few 'ibles showing the building of some of the more interesting parts.

It features a laptop PC, controlling a slave MCU to control the hardware. To keep costs as low as I could, I used a lot of scrap/re-purposed materials and parts, and only one 12V battery, and forwent a welded steel frame in favor of a cheap wooden one.

In this video, I'm controlling the trike with another laptop PC and my client/server programs, while my awesome fiance films in the freezing cold. There are some more videos on my YouTube profile for this project: mobilisCruise

Copyright 2007-2009 Gabriel Stewart (dba Psymansays Robotics).



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What Components you used?

What Components you used?

What Components you used?

SOOOOOOOoooo coooooooooooool but can it do stairs? tehe ;P
Most robots I usaly see use tank control ie left and right drive but its great to see the use of a stearing columb and only one drive motor.

No, it can't do stairs. There are a lot of more advanced robots that can handle stairs, but they require complex or expensive drive systems, especially the tank tracks, like you mentioned. This design is to get a modicum of terrain-handling with a minimum number of actuators. I think the best outcome for this project, is a machine that can drive on paved or gravel or dirt roads, or some more passable dirt trails.

hey d bot seems cool....can u gv d details... cn u tell me d steps 2 build it....u cn mail in my id:

Hi, there.

I have some of the details for this robot, spread across a few different 'ibles that I posted. Check out my instructables profile for a list of the different projects I have posted. This 'ible here shows how the steering system works, and this one covers more of the programming and electrical. Anyway, I built this specific machine before I started documenting my builds online, so I don't have very much information available for this specific robotic platform, but I do have this platform fully documented. I hope this information helps. Let me know if you read those and still need some additional info; I'll be happy to help.