All the Things You Need for a Survival Kit...





Introduction: All the Things You Need for a Survival Kit...

All the things you need for a survival kit...

Step 1: Altoids Tin

Most people use altoids tins to put their survival kit in, but i wouldnt recommend to use one, as it is not fully watertight, however, you can basically use any sort of tin, box or bag you want.

Step 2: Swiss Army Knife

In a survival kit, you need a swiss army knife also known as a pocket knife or multi-tool. You would use one of these in many situations.

Step 3: Bandages or Plasters

Bandages or plasters are the things you MUST have in a survival kit, for example, if you cut yourself you dont want to get ill by bacteria and germs getting into the cut, so you use a bandage to wrap around it or cover it.

Step 4: A Handkercheif

Give a general description of the StepYou can use a handkercheif in survival very easily, you could use it as a bandage or just to blow your nose into, well lets put it this way, YOU NEED A HANDKERCHEIF :)

Step 5: Compass

Obviously if your lost in say, the plain desert or the leafy rainforest, you need a compass to find your way out, a compass always points North, if you have a compass that doesnt point north, give it back to Captain Jack Sparrow Lol :)

Step 6: Fish Hooks and Line

You need fish hooks and line to catch fish if you have no food, and the bait is easy to get, all you need to do is find a worm, beetle or any other typle of small juicy creatures.

Step 7: Matches

Match start fires, so they are very handy to have in a survival situation, also to make them waterproof, dip the ends of the matches in melted wax, then when you want to light it just scrape the wax off with your finger nail.

Step 8: Thats It !!!

Basically you have got a full survival kit containing all the things you need when you are in a survival situation... Please rate and comment on this instructible, Thanks :)



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    The one thing I don't get is why people are recommending a Swiss army knife or a multitool for survival purposes. There are no Philips screws or canned food in the wilderness and the blade is generally to small and weak to do anything useful. I have a Sak, a Leatherman PST1 and a Gerber Urban Legend and I wouldn't rely on any of their blades in a survival situation. The two most essential things you need is warmth and shelter and in both of those cases your knife is your most important tool to bring wood for the fire and building your shelter. A good knife doesn't need to be big but it needs to be strong and sharp. And it won't weigh much more than your average multitool either.

    You don't need a can opener, instead you can rub the face of the can against some concrete and within a few minutes you can pull the lid right off. Cody Lundin shows this in one of his videos where he is talking to a TV reporter at a grocery store.

    Don't forget to bring some concrete mix into the wilderness to pour a slab of concrete so you can open your can :)

    that is why i have a p38 on my key ring, and a p52 in my kit

    I was wondering why my back was hurting....gosh it's all that concrete I've been carrying around with me ;) Now I know some states out there don't have boulders or large rocks but let's just call them "Nature's Concrete".

    I'm not sure the chances of finding a slab of concrete while out in the woods or in the mountains are that big. Maybe in a post-apocalyptic world where all the can openers are taken... :-)

    Work with me's not like I am telling people to swim out in the ocean...find your nearest hammerhead shark and let him bite the can open for you....though that would be a hella cool way to open your cans....something maybe the Most Interesting Man on Earth might do.

    I agree! Sak blades aren't uber good =.=

    This is a good start of a kit [and certainly better than most I've seen] however the challenging aspect of an Altoids Survival Tin is not the coming up with ideas of what to put inside it but rather the execution of fitting said survival items into a tiny candy tin.

    Check out my new instructable on how I went about making my Altoids tin for ideas. :)

    I personally wouldn't suggest taking matches on any venture, even water proofed they aren't guaranteed to work, and are far too easy to waste. Spend the 10 dollars it would take to buy a waterproof lighter, it will always light your fire.