Picture of All The Things You Need For A Survival Kit...
All the things you need for a survival kit...
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Step 1: Altoids Tin

Picture of Altoids Tin
Most people use altoids tins to put their survival kit in, but i wouldnt recommend to use one, as it is not fully watertight, however, you can basically use any sort of tin, box or bag you want.

Step 2: Swiss Army Knife

Picture of Swiss Army Knife
In a survival kit, you need a swiss army knife also known as a pocket knife or multi-tool. You would use one of these in many situations.

Step 3: Bandages Or Plasters

Picture of Bandages Or Plasters
Bandages or plasters are the things you MUST have in a survival kit, for example, if you cut yourself you dont want to get ill by bacteria and germs getting into the cut, so you use a bandage to wrap around it or cover it.

Step 4: A handkercheif

Picture of A handkercheif
Give a general description of the StepYou can use a handkercheif in survival very easily, you could use it as a bandage or just to blow your nose into, well lets put it this way, YOU NEED A HANDKERCHEIF :)

Step 5: Compass

Picture of Compass
Obviously if your lost in say, the plain desert or the leafy rainforest, you need a compass to find your way out, a compass always points North, if you have a compass that doesnt point north, give it back to Captain Jack Sparrow Lol :)

Step 6: Fish hooks and line

Picture of Fish hooks and line
You need fish hooks and line to catch fish if you have no food, and the bait is easy to get, all you need to do is find a worm, beetle or any other typle of small juicy creatures.

Step 7: Matches

Picture of Matches
Match start fires, so they are very handy to have in a survival situation, also to make them waterproof, dip the ends of the matches in melted wax, then when you want to light it just scrape the wax off with your finger nail.

Step 8: Thats it !!!

Basically you have got a full survival kit containing all the things you need when you are in a survival situation... Please rate and comment on this instructible, Thanks :)
holzmanj94 years ago
Get a shemagh/keffiyah, the large (usually about a yard on each side) middle-eastern headscarf. You can do many different things with it. Around your head and face it protects from the heat, sun, and dust. It can be a tin sheet or pillow. It makes a decent sling. You can tie it around things, including splints. It can make a small pack if you need it. The uses are almost limited only by imagination. You can find a lot of them online for less than ten bucks. I would get one or two and keep them around.
Yeh, right on...

Something like a bandanna or shemagh is a LOT more practical..
great add-on to my cure to all wounds, to put it on and protect against even MORE dirt, and makes something for a shark bite, as i saw on some shark week episode thing, i don't know...
How convenient; I wear one on my head every day :)