Step 4: A handkercheif

Picture of A handkercheif
Give a general description of the StepYou can use a handkercheif in survival very easily, you could use it as a bandage or just to blow your nose into, well lets put it this way, YOU NEED A HANDKERCHEIF :)
holzmanj94 years ago
Get a shemagh/keffiyah, the large (usually about a yard on each side) middle-eastern headscarf. You can do many different things with it. Around your head and face it protects from the heat, sun, and dust. It can be a tin sheet or pillow. It makes a decent sling. You can tie it around things, including splints. It can make a small pack if you need it. The uses are almost limited only by imagination. You can find a lot of them online for less than ten bucks. I would get one or two and keep them around.
Yeh, right on...

Something like a bandanna or shemagh is a LOT more practical..
great add-on to my cure to all wounds, to put it on and protect against even MORE dirt, and makes something for a shark bite, as i saw on some shark week episode thing, i don't know...
How convenient; I wear one on my head every day :)