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Introduction: All Weather Trench

This is very wearable jacket made with 140 Capri Sun Juice pouches and a large snap closure.   The jacket is entirely sewn using a Vogue pattern (#8480).  It will keep you dry in the rain, and is very very warm!  the only pattern piece omitted were the pockets. But the jacket has set in sleeves, lapel collar, back vent, and princess seams.

Step 1: Gather and Clean the Juice Pouches

after you drink the contents of the juice pouch, cut a small (2") slit at the bottom of the bag, inside the pleat and rinse the bag and let dry.

Step 2: Sew the Bags Together

next, sew the bags together by overlapping each approx 1/4" and using a wide zig zag stitch.  Remember, as you sew you are creating permanent holes, so do not make mistakes and use painters tape to hold your pieces together if necessary (again, tape used so as not to make unnecessary holes.

Step 3: Sew Your Pattern Together

Sew enough pouches together to fit EACH pattern piece of your pattern. (Note:  don't forget to mirror image left and right sides of garment)  I.e., you will be cutting each piece/part of your project 1 side at a time. 
After you have enough pouches sewn together to fit a pattern piece on, cut out the pattern until all pieces are cut and ready to sew.   don't forget to match your "stripes" so that the rows are level completely around the jacket. 

Step 4:

sew your garment pieces together as instructed on your pattern instructions, using a zig zag stitch and holding pieces together with tape, if necessary.   When sewing opposite curves, be patient, and go a little bit at a time, it will work.  The sleeve can be the most tricky!

Step 5:

Some juice pouches have writing on the back side.  If you don't want this visible, be sure you don't use those pieces for your collar, as it will show.  After you have constructed your garment, hand sew large snap closure or, if you prefer, do buttons and make button holes. 

Step 6:

Save your scraps until project is done.  You may need bits and pieces for "patching" corners.   This is what remains of 140 juice pouches!  Now that's recycling!



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    Always wanted to make this coat, I'll have to find a mens jacket pattern though and Im going to experiment ironing the pouches together (I've heard that it works better and is more waterproof since the sewing leaves tiny places for water to run in) Im going to rock it in college haha. Gonna have a hood on it too so I can wear it out in the rain

    Have you tried wearing this?  Did this jacket breathe?  I wanted to make one for my sister but am concerned it might be too hot for her summer climate.  Can you tell me anything that I might expect from wearing it in a hot climate?  Will appreciate any input. 

    You could maybe try overlapping the tiers with ventilation at the bottom of each pouch???

    i would not wear it in a very hot climate.  It doesn't breathe,  BUT, you could put some grommets/holes under the arms like they have in some items that would make it more breathable. 

    Thanks.  She can't be in the sun and I thought with the foil or what ever that it might be cooler but then the plastic is hot.  Thanks again.

    fricken awesome! :D I was planning on making a bookbag (roughly 30 0r 40 pouches) and I was so sure I had enough but I'm short some XD

    needless to say, once I make that bag I'm making one of these :D (but in a more guy fashion) and maybe I'll add a hood and pockets :3

    thanks. Have fun. Ripley's actually bought my jacket. I'd love to see your bag when done!

    This is the colest thing Ive seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

    Fantastically awesome!!!!!

    A new kind of patchwork.