All of My Current Handcrafted Knives


Introduction: All of My Current Handcrafted Knives

About: I enjoy the outdoors. Camping, fishing, canoeing, all of it. I love working with my hands. I take on any project. I love to work on cars. I have been making knives since 2011. My skills slowly increase. Knif...

These knives are made of mostly mild steel. Some are from files/ railroad spikes and others are high carbon steel. I made almost all of them. I cut them out with an angle grinder and did most the shaping with a belt grinder. Most of the scales are wood however some are mycarta i made. I previously sold about a dozen knives and so this is not all the ones i made. Well here they are!



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    When you make your mycarta, where do you find the cheapest place to get your epoxy resin?

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    I just went with the quart size container. Runs about 20 at any big hardware store. It's in the automotive section. Just ask around.

    please make an instructable. thanks