this is just a gallery of all of the weapons that I have made out of k'nex, however if you would want me to make an instructable on one of them then just say.

Step 1: Hellstorm 56.4

This is my favourite weapon because I think it looks the best, but I only built it to see how i would put the magazine behind the trigger. the only problem with this gun is the range as it only shoots about 20-30ft, but on the good side the magazine is easily changable and has ten shots

I agree with the rest post the excaliber
post the 56.4 it looks sick
plz plz post
make instructions for the pistol at the top in the 6th picture in the intro pics
the H.S 50.3
How do you make those grey connector mags, please make a tutorial ] =
your awesome!!!!!
can i have instructions
wow instructions please
instructions for excalibur please
can i have instructions?
Can you PLEASE make a tutorial of The Excalibur. Please?
Yuck @ the third gun, try learning about knex rod lengths and get it right, because the bend is reducing power and looks awful.<br />
Look at picture 5 on the intro! It's even worse!
I MEANT&nbsp;picture 5.<br />
the power isnt decreased because the firing mechanism is fine its just the frame that needs improving
Nono, the frame bends the pin which increases friction, thus decreasing the power.<br />
that isnt really true because friction is a minimal factor when it comes to Knex and also like i said before the rod is not bent
Well it INCREASES contact for the pin with the barrel, thus increasing friction.<br />
I think you mean the fourth one? the 59.9? It's bent the worst.<br />
Yeah thanks. &nbsp;That's what I really meant.<br />
scope, not sight.
can you make an instructables on the Hellstorm 57. 8. please and if possible please post it to my account. my account is dogmasive. Thank you.<br />
&nbsp;Cool guns! : ) No offense, but the knifes kinda suck : (
This is not an Instructable, please Un-publish it and if you wish you can post your pictures in a Slideshow.<br />
i know this isnt an instructable but i just want to see which ones are worth publishing
The hellstorm 56.4 is the best, you should post that one. Forget about the rest.
<h2><span class="stepTitle" style="font-size: 13.0px;">Post the Hellstorm 56.4 and the </span><span class="stepTitle" style="font-size: 13.0px;">H-S 50.3.</span></h2>
that will take a while. which first?
step 1 and 4!
post them all! 5*

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