Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Schematics

Step 3: PCB Making


Step 5: FINISH

<p>sorry am new here, where is the part list?</p>
<p>hello</p><p>where is software</p><p>thanks</p>
What voltage are the c1, c2, c3 caps supposed to be?
Hi, i cant get the link 2 work at all.. have u the board in eagle cad if so can u send it 2 me please??? Regards Daz
Hi, <br> I want to program PIC12F629 with readymade .hex code. Which programmer should I use? I would like to know the best and cheapest programmer available. I bought PICKIT2 clone from India but I had very bad experience with it. I couldn't program with it. <br> Can you please suggest me good programmer? <br>Regards, <br>Chetan
Hi to all. I have got all of the parts but the c1,c2,c3 - 100nF caps don't seem to be look like yours on the board. Are they 100nF ceramic caps or i have missed something? <br>Thank you. Franky.
can it be adapted to work on smd ics?i mean the pins can be connected with wires or something
Can it program a PIC16F690? Please reply.. i'm going to build this.
plez give me all material of all pic programmer . to make it in house<br>
What is JP1? It isn't in the schematic
Would you be able to use a rs232 to usb adapter for with this programmer? or would there be a way to use a usb be jack rather than the rs232?
Hi, I use for programming &quot;Proton Complier&quot; but when I connect the PCB to my computer, the program says: -Please reset the target microcontroller in order to access the bootloader process- How can I reset the targer?<br>And other question, which is the use of JP1?<br><br>Thank you and you've made an amazing instructable.
Really nice ! thanks.
HELLO bro ! <br>thanks for the very nice programmer , i wich know why you added the connector jp2 ? i mean , for what it is used ?. One more question please , can i uses this programmer for an adaptor USB---&gt;serial ? because i have a laptop not a desktop. <br>thank you againe !
please upload the pcb file again or send it to me
please I cant open this file please help me any way <br>
I made a JDM based programmer [JDM programmer 5v2] it works well on all old computers. But my Pc's Serial port voltage is only around 10 v its not working on my pc.Shall i useful this circuit for my PC.????<br><br>Thanks
i think it should work because it works for me with an USB to serial cable :)
I made JDM based programmer. it works well on all other old computers. when i checked my seial port voltage its only around 10v. shall i useful this circuit for my PC??<br><br>Thanku.
Sick. I own multiple Pic Programmers for multiple Pic chips. This is really useful. I think I might build this some time.
hi can you tell one thing which programming software will recognize this programmer<br>
can you post a picture of the schematic because i don't feel like downloading a program that costs $70. thanks
i can post it but i dont know will the picture have the right format if i post it :(<br><br>but there are tons of free scd reader programs on the net :)<br><br>and ofc you can download one from torrentz.eu :D
um looking for elevator pic program. Do you have example program ?
no sorry but maybe can i write the programm for you<br>for what is it used?
thank for ur reply.. I use for my project ,I have to write a project for 30 floors. but Im not good for programming... If u can write me example program for 2 floors . Include limiting switch, Door open, Door close . display floor number and Other parameters. So I can study the code and the i Can expand it to my project. <br>
can you expalin me how does it need to work :D?<br>
please Imagine How Normal lift work...........just writ a program Include limiting switch, Door open, Door close . display floor number on sevan segmaent display.<br><br>Initially lift at down floor. If someone press the button on 2nd floor. Lift must go to the second floor ( gradually increase speed of the DC motor, become constant speed and the gradually decrease the speed) When it reaches the 2nd floor (using limiting switches) then door will open and seven segment display should show the current floor number. When the door is close after 10second . If someone in the middle of the door the door should be open again. (After 10 seconds programme check the door sensor) .......................................
I just made the allpic programmer, I need to program PIC12F609 but that PIC is disabled in WinPic800. Is there any way to program it with this programmer?
use some other pic programming software :D
whats the part there that i circuled
Looks like part of the DC input socket. You have only ringed part of it. Hope that helps<br><br>Al
tyhanks i already built it but i cant get it to connect to my computer
how do you mean you cant connect it to the computer?
my computer wont see that it connected
do you use a power supply?
yes i also use a usb to rs232 and am running vista sp2
I used the rs232 port of my pc and it worked<br>do you have a friend with an old pc to test it on his pc?
i have a computer sith one but i cant get it to boot up and none of my friends have one either but my moms old laptop does have one so ill try that
what software did u use
ic prog<br><br>or<br><br>winpic
does the power come from the serial port without using the 15v supply..
you must use a power supply<br><br>:(
can u plz list which PIC can be programmed by this programmer?? I have already bout all stuff for making it except PIC itself.:P:) ill really appreciate if ull write the list:) thanx..^_^
i programmed the pic 16f84,16f84a...(dont realy now) you can programm nearly evry pic you want with the icsp headers<br>i recomend you to buy the pic16f84 because its easy to use and you can find much projects on the internet<br>
okay ill do soo..:) im interested in whether it can program PIC18F45k20??? if it can its really coolest stuff.:):) if not it is still okay..:P:):) Im kidding still its cool:)
you can programm it with the icsp headers realy easy
great thanx .. just finished.. going to buy a PIC and test it.. i hope it will work..:):)
:( problem... I have finished the programmer pulgged the Pic and opended the winpic found a button which says hardware test and it says ur device not responding:(:( why???:(:(:( <br><br>can it be that i connected my pic to icsp pins?<br><br>icsp PICpin number<br>1----------------14<br>2----------------4<br>3-----------------13<br>4----------------12<br>5-----------------5<br>???:(::(;<br><br>

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