Picture of Alladin's LED Lamp.
This is an Alladin Lamp which was used in the 40's and 50's.
It was run on Kerosene and had a silk mantel which gave a bright white light.
I found it laying in our junk room and it had not been used for a long time.
It had a beautiful look so I thought to give it a face lift and use it by converting it into a modern light.
This pollution Creating oil lamp is now turned into an beautiful Environment friendly lamp.

Step 1: Convert old Oil lamp to LED lamp.

Picture of Convert old Oil lamp to LED lamp.
This magical change was brought about by the most modern 5 meter length of White LED strip.
mathman472 years ago
Nice one, Dipankar. You certainly have a way with LEDs.
Dipankar (author)  mathman472 years ago
Thank You.