Introduction: Alligator Helping Hands for Soldering

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The worse thing about soldering is trying to hold your wires or circuit board in place to solder it. Well this simple Helping hands unit is the best solution.

Step 1: Wood Bace

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You will need a small piece of wood about 1" thick and cut it to however big you want your work station. All you have to do is measure 1" from the corners of the chunk of wood you cut out. This is where you will screw in your screws to attach the wires. You will need some screws no longer then the thickness of your wooden plank...make sure to get ones with a big head!.

Step 2: Wire and Then Solder

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You will also need some 1/16" in diameter wire that normally comes in a roll and you can find at any local hardware store. Make sure it is stiff enough to work with but not too hard to bend. pretty much look for something that is easy to work with.

Next get four alligator clips, again at you find them at your local hardware store.

Then sand/ grind off one end of the wire about an inch from the end. The reasoning for this is so the solder will stick to the metal wire.

And then solder each of the alligator clips to the wire.

Step 3: Taping

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And the last thing to do is tape or use heat shrink tape over the solder points to clean it up.

Now you can have fun soldering wires and circuit boards with ease hope you enjoy!

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rbusch made it! (author)2017-01-01

just slapped one together. quick easy and cheap if you already have the parts laying around :)

Gaming Hawk (author)rbusch2017-01-01

Good job man got a lot of hands there. by the way I think i got the same keyboard!

rbusch (author)Gaming Hawk2017-03-02

the keyboards older then dirt Logitech. (full of dirt too). after using it a few times since making it, ive decided coat hanger wire was a bad choice, a bit too stiff to work with easily.. next time bailing wire like you did would be better. or thick copper solid core wire even.

Yonatan24 (author)2017-01-01

Looks great! No need to paste a link to your Youtube channel in every step though... :)

zposner (author)Yonatan242017-01-01

I didn't see it in every step?

Gaming Hawk (author)zposner2017-01-01

I changed it lol

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