Alligator Leads with Integral Fuse Holders for Safe Connections to Lead Acid Batteries

Picture of Alligator Leads with Integral Fuse Holders for Safe Connections to Lead Acid Batteries
I don't like fires.  I especially dislike fires in my tent or on my sleeping bag. This instructable details the steps I used to create a pair of alligator leads with integral fuse holders so that anything I hook up with the alligator leads is protected with some fuses.  The fuses are part of the handles of the alligator clips.  This makes it so that it is nearly impossible to have a short circuit before the fuses.  I terminated the alligator clip leads with Anderson PowerPole Connectors.  They are THE STANDARD for 12V connections in my home and automobiles.  They are great to put on all of your 12V stuff because when I made the pictured alligator leads, I didn't just get them for one 12V device.  They can now be used with my little air compressor, my inverter, my ham radio, my CB radio, another battery, a power supply to charge batteries, my 12V box fans, my 12V lighting, my UPS, or my lawn sprayer.  On with the instructable!
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
First, collect a pair of alligator clips (perhaps from your inverter or something you already have that has a suitable pair).  Then scavenge a pair of chassis mount fuse holders.  Find a little wire and a pair of Anderson PowerPole connectors. has them, but any ham radio or RC car shop should have them.  They are a little pricey, but when you consider how much more useful a compressor is when it can be used with alligators on the lawn mower AND with a 12V lighter plug in the car OR a pair of quick lugs on a little 12V security light battery the added versatility is well worth the cost.

Step 2: Remove Existing Wires from Alligator Clips.

Picture of Remove Existing Wires from Alligator Clips.
In this photo you can see me desoldering the existing wires from the alligator clips.  I also removed the crimp portion of the clips because I wanted to solder the fuse holder lug directly to the clip handle for the best mechanical connection possible.
Gafflebab1 year ago
This is brilliant, and should be the standard for temporary LA battery connections. Thanks for sharing.