The purpose of this modification is to modify the utility knife so that it does not rattle when closed. This can get very annoying when stored in a pocket and this is a quick, cheap fix.

Step 1: Materials

Other than an Alltrade Quick Change Folding Utility Knife, you will need some craft foam and a Phillips screwdriver. Craft foam is available at nearly every hobby store and is very cheap. I used the sticker kind.

Step Six will require either a drill, or some sandpaper.

Step 2: Dissasemble the Knife

Use your screw driver to unscrew the two screws located in the black handle.

You will be left with the main knife assembly, and a long silver piece.

Step 3: Foam It

Stick a segment of craft foam over the flat part of the silver piece. Firmly press down along the foam, and it should stay on the metal.

Step 4: Sand the Foam Down to Size

I used my dremel along with a small drill bit for this. Although you could use sandpaper, utility knife, etc.

Step 5: Finish the Foam

Use a knife to cut away the foam as shown in the picture. You can either do this before or after applying the foam. I stuck the foam on, then cut the end off. I needed to use some goo gone to get rid of the small sticker residue.

Step 6: Put It Back Together!

Slide the silver piece back into the main assembly and screw it back together.

Step 7: Finished!

Now you have silenced your utility knife. This knife was in the end a great buy. It cost $8 and came with 3 extra blades. The quality is nice and I'd recommend it.
Ooooo. I like this idea. Its 2 bad I cant really do it to my other knives... OH WAIT I CAN. But im gonna use cork board.
use a utility knife to fix your utility knife funny -gamer
I have what looks to be the same knife but it's a kinchrome... I modded mine so it would accept recipricating saw blades..... Nice simple fix for an annouying problem (I don't think... mine rattles... will have to check..) :)
Reciprocating saw blades.....hmm. Might look into this for my next instructable. Thanks for the idea.

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