Introduction: Almond and Berry Parfait

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This healthy treat will make you healthier

Almonds may reduce risk of heart disease
maintain healthy weight
combat diabetes
good source of protein and fiber
prevent weight gain

Berries help fight cronic disease and cancer
may help reduce heart attack
and is known as a super fruit
high in antioxidant and Polyphemus

Step 1: Ingredients

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Greek yogurt

Parfait cup

Tip: if you want it sweeter you can add a little bit of jam

Step 2: Steps

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Get out all your materials
Start layering your ingredients
If you want some jam, put it with the berry layer
If you want an example of the layers, see the photos above

Step 3: Results

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Enjoy this healthy treat cold


Igioteno (author)2015-05-29


danamrox (author)2015-05-26

LOVE IT and so does my mom

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