Almond Milk


Step 5: Options

Picture of Options
Put the milk back into the blender (rinse the blender first) and add.....

To sweeten you can add any of the following and blend again until smooth.
-1 tablespoon sugar, honey, or maple syrup (adjust to taste)
-1 banana or 2 tablespoons pitted dates

For flavour you can add vanilla extract, or cocoa(or chocolate milk powder), or fruit puree, add to
taste. Blend again until smooth.

Store in closed container in fridge. It will keep up to a week in fridge.

A thicker milk
-you can make this a thicker drink, by reducing the amount of water you add when blending, try 2 cups instead of 3.

You can try roasting your nuts and seeds, this brings out their flavour.

-Before you soak your nuts/seeds(Step 2):
-Place in oven at 350F for ~5 minutes. Keep an eye on them, burnt nuts are not so good.
-Allow to cool and proceed to Step 2.

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InstructaBro10 months ago

Gonna make this after I run to the shop to grab some almonds

kmoyer13 years ago
This looks great!!