Step 2: Melt the Butter

Put all four sticks (1 pound) of butter into the pot. Turn the stove on medium heat and melt the butter, stirring often.
This is a great instructable. But since I pass the Almond Roca plant in Tacoma, Washington every day, I'll just stop in there a buy some! I'd probably mess it up anyhow!
Hey Mykhailo, congrats on the great instructable again, I just wanted to say, put this in the holiday challenge. All you need to do is put pieces on a holiday paper plate and cover it in colorful seran wrap and you have yourself a gift for those people that you don't really care about but don't want to hurt feelings.
My mum has already done that! She has been doing that for years.
When I lived with my dad, my stepmom used to make peppermint bark and do the same thing.
Hmm. Do <em>you</em> know how to make peppermint bark? Maybe you should make an instructable! <br/>
Maybe I'll give that a shot. It's good stuff, but terribly pricey at Williams-Sonoma.
Yes, it is expensive. As is English Toffee. So, maybe people could make instructables on how to make all of the really expensive treats!
Someone should make a group. Not me, lol, im dont like cooking, only eating : ) P.S. I love Almond Rocha
Someone already <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/sweettreats/">did!</a><br/>
OK, we made peppermint bark last night! Easy to make, and it turned out well. Instructable coming asap.
No, unfortunately I don't, its really tasty.
Ahh. Well, I am not a big fan of mints, so I guess it doesn't affect me as much.
It's not really minty, it's hard to explain, but it is definately on my top ten fav candies. Right next to snowballs from Boehms and chocolate covered licorice.
I don't know, the peppermint bark I have eaten was really minty. Although, there are many ways to make it, so I guess the piece I had had a lot of bits of candy cane.
Well, it's going to taste like peppermint, hence peppermint bark, but depending on the maker, you end up with different results.
Yeah, I know that. But I don't really like the taste of peppermint.
You could make it with cinnamon (or other flavor) candies instead.
That actually sounds delicious!
Actually, only my closest friends get my toffee. I make mine with raw cashews and it's heavenly. I usually give them about 1/2 pound+. Makes a great holiday gift for those who appreciate good food.
if you put in a lot of butter, like you did, i would understand the butter separating towards the top.. but does it still happen if you put in less butter?
I wouldn't know, we've only ever made it with this recipe.
hrmm... well then i shall try it myself :D
This is great! It's one of my favorite candies.
I am glad you like it! Are you going to figure out some sort of coke-based topping for it, like you did with your chicken?
:P No, not yet!
Okay.<br/><sub> Hmm, perhaps cornstarch and coke.... </sub><br/>
Yes, my slave. And soon, the whole world shall be my slave!
...Mmmmmmm...rocha slave!
Yes, they <em>are</em> delicious! Although, it is not socially acceptable to eat them...<br/>
Social acceptablity depends on where you live.....<sub>Iceland</sub>.<br/>
"Iceland", you say.... I shall move there, and proceed to eat my rocha slaves! Buwahahaha!
I think I may join you.........<sub>mmmmmm...mountains of rocha slaves!</sub><br/>
My mom has made this every year at Christmas time for as long as I can remember. One tip to speed up the cooling - set the pan outside or in the freezer (be sure to cover it if outside so you don't have any unexpected added protein!) Once it's cold, a few taps with a hammer will greatly speed up the process of breaking it. Also, I prefer mine without almonds and frozen - it sticks in your teeth less if it's frozen when consumed. Oh, and one last thing - if you're really ambitious and want to coat the candy pieces entirely in chocolate, wait until the rocha is crisp, break it apart, then dip into melted chocolate.
Hmmm, good ideas, but I prefer it sticking to my teeth, the flavour lasts longer.
sounds nice.... *drools*
Mmmmm. Too bad I am all out =(. My mum is the only one who is any good at making it in my family, and she only makes it around Christmas. <br/>
lol, i live in the sub tropics. freezer it is! :)
Oh, and to see our recipe (less sugar, with some corn syrup) you can find it at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://candyaddict.com/blog/2007/02/06/candy-recipe-almond-butter-crunch/">http://candyaddict.com/blog/2007/02/06/candy-recipe-almond-butter-crunch/</a><br/>
but, sugar tastes good.....
i like almond rocha and cheese mixed with dead dogs <br/>=<sup>)</sup><br/>
Okay. I guess you can like that if you want........
My mom loves almond roca. This will save me a bunch of money on her gift!
Yay! That was kinda the idea, you can buy it at a lot of places, or you could make it at home. But the thing is, that not everybody could make it on their own, as they had no recipes. So I posted it on instructables, as it is a high-traffic site.
so this is essentially butter toffee with chocolate on top right? sounds amazing, I'll probably give it a go before christmas. Like many have suggested, it would probably make an amazing christmas gift.
Yes, it is essentially toffee, but my mum calls it Rocha. And it does make a good gift, people have even come to my house asking for more!
This looks awesome! I'm making some for Christmas presents.
Good idea, I'm short on money and, sadly, imagination this year. Great instructable. + for sure
Thanks! I am glad you like it! I think that it makes a very good gift if you have a lot of people to give it to, or if you are short on cash.
That is what my mum does! She goes to Ross and buys a bunch of cheap plates and gives them to the staff at school.

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