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Introduction: Almost Dream Shop

This is my workshop. I had it built 10yrs ago when we bought our house.  It's a 21" x 24" Tuff Shed. I have just about everything I need to attempt any project.  Still trying to make good use of space, but after 10 yrs of acquiring tools and things, It is getting a bit cramped.
My goal after working in my garage for years, was to some day have all the machinery plugged in and ready to use. I don't miss working in a garage.



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    Yes! It was a bit more than a couple grand. I wanted to show my shop inside not necessarily the building. Although it was built to be a workshop.

    That is a nice shop that you have there I only wish that I had that much space to work in my shop is 12' x 12' with 2 12'x 12' over hangs to store outside equipment and such in one and an outside workbench to handle larger projects and be out of the hot sun. Keep up the good work I love the entertainment center that you made. Kudos to your daughter for the cute little shelf she made for "her" toolbox.
    Again Nice Job

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    Thanks! I like the idea of an outdoor workspace. It would be nice to be able to work outside with a nice breeze.

    Man, That is beautiful set-up. "1st year hubby" here dreaming of a garage like this.

    I'm so jealous! Love your shop! Nice post, thanks!

    Enjoyed seeing your workshop. Lots of good ideas. Your entertainment center is quite impressive as well. I bet you have one heck of a honey-do list!

    This is extremely impressive! I would be thrilled if i had a workshop like yours.
    Oh, and your dog is cute too!