Enjoying homemade ravioli does not have to be a time consuming processes. To save time, simply substitute pre-made won-ton wrappers for pasta. Won-ton wrappers make a delicious soft, and chewy outside for any filled pasta dish. This recipe walks you through the step by step process of how to make, stuff, and cook delicious ravioli in less than 30mins in your own kitchen. Anyone can take these ten easy ingredients and make a restaurant quality diner for their family.

Serving size: 12 individual raviolis
Prep time: 20mins
Cook time: 10mins

This instructable calls for the use of hot cooking surfaces. Caution and care must be taking around hot surfaces to avoid serious injury.

Step 1: Wash Hands

Proper Hand Washing Procedure

1. Run hands under warm running water
2. Apply antimicrobial soap
Work soap lather on hands for 30sec
3. Rinse hands under warm running water
4. Dry hands
Use a single use, disposable towel
my god. My favourite part was all the warnings you put in...i dont know why but it made me laugh far to much
Delicious! Just a quick question, I've never heard of a Wan Ton Wrapper, is that a food, not a actually wrapper?
Won-ton wrappers are a food, commonly found in the produce section of your local grocery or retail store.
Won Ton wrappers are edible!<br><br>They're usually used to make potstickers, and other asian foods.<br><br>Most grocery stores have them, but I've had better luck and better quality by shopping at a local asian food mart.

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