Almost Indestructible Rubber Band Powered K'nex Gun


Introduction: Almost Indestructible Rubber Band Powered K'nex Gun

It is a though little K'nex gun that I made. It can shoot a white K'nex rod 8.5 feet (2.57 meters).It isn't great because I am new to instructables but it is worth making and is quite simple so it only takes a few muinets to build. Sorry about the bad images.

Step 1: Barrel

put an oarnge connector on each red rod then attach the rods and keep adding the connectors till you have used 22 and it looks like the last image.

Step 2: Spacing Barrel

Take 28 blue spacers and put half on 1 red rod and put the other half on a red rod next to the first. Then take a blue rod and 2 yellow connectors and put them together like in the 6th part of this step. then add what you just made to the barrel as shown in picture 7.

Step 3: Slide

Take 4 grey rods and 4 blue and then 1 white connector and put all the rods on to the white connector alternating blue to grey like in picture 5.

Step 4: Putting It Togethor

Take the slide and put it into the barrel as shown, make sure you get all the grey rods into the oarnge holes.

Step 5: Rubber Bands

Take the rubber bands and slide them on to the blue rod as shown in step 3 then re fasten the yellow connector stretch the rubber bands
to the slide, you may need a different type of rubber band or to swap they grey rods in the slide for red or yellow ones.

Step 6: Fireing

Pull back the slid you should get resistance from the rubber bands. place the ammo (1 white rod ) in the barrel oppisite the rubber bands
keep the slide back aim away from face then let go of the slide. When the gun fires the blue rods in the slide move, move them back before fireing again.



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    25 Discussions

    i must say, this is really nice, but beside the fact it dosnt really look llike much of a gun. add a realoding handle and a handle, + a ammo clip, and itd be PERFECT!

    I cant tell were to put da bullet -_-

    This may not be indestructible, but its cool, lightweight, and good to carry in a suitcase, then BAM shoot the bully next door!

    I added a black row of black connectors, its fun to "deorate" it that way.

    it might help a bit if you had a video on how to shot it

    That is an EXTREMELY low range. Are you sure you measured it right? Or are you using weak rubber bands?

    I have to hand it to you, you were more creative than the others, it is not a "simple" gun, it is a "nearly indestructible" knex gun. Kudos for that

    8 replies