Introduction: Almost Inescapable Minecraft Trap

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This trap is super easy to make and is inescapable on servers with no /home, /spawn, /tpa or any command of the sort, or servers that do not allow ender-pearls. This trap is super easy to make and requires no knowledge of redstone.

Step 1: Prepare the Land

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Dig a 4x4 hole that is 2 deep. Now get enough sticky-pistons for the perimeter and redstone to fill in the remainder

Step 2: Basic Redstone

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Now place sticky-pistons along the perimeter, and fill in the remainder of the hole with redstone.

Step 3: Concealment, Holds, and Triggers

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Now fill in the hole with any block, preferably stone or oak planks.

Do you still have some of that material you used for the floors? Make some pressure-plates to fill in one block from the outside.

Finally, go to each of the corners, and go one block diagonally. Place a 3 high pillar for each of the corners and add a small stop to prevent people from jumping over.

If you want to, you could add a ceiling to make it even more inescapable...

You are now Finished.


LittleBilly (author)2016-08-14

I made it and it didn't work. U set up everything right

robot bx-31 (author)2016-02-18

can't you break the blocks?

narrowyoureyes (author)2016-02-14

This trap works by the pressure plates activating the pistons that will block you from escaping because of the two block high beam going around the outside. Unfortunately, sometimes you can glitch inside the block as it is pushed to block you and then escape, taking a small amount of damage. I would recommend making it out of barriers just to troll other players and your friends. You also might want a backup trap.

Obsidian Man (author)2016-02-12

How does this work?

KittyKat04 (author)Obsidian Man2016-02-13

Ditto. (Means 'same' or 'same here' ;)

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