Introduction: Almost-Macro for Gopro (focus From Closer Distance)

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This is an easy trick to make your gopro focus from almost 2x shorter distance.

Things you may need;

- A dremel tool with pvc cutting blade
- A glue gun
- Bottle cap from an air-wick electric air freshener
- Lens from a cheap led headlight (most of them use plano-convex lenses, make sure the lens you use looks same as on picture)

Step 1:

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Cut the cap as seen on picture and glue lens to top.

Step 2:

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Attach the cap on gopro lens and done... (You can use same lens to take closeup pictures with your phone cameras etc. too, works very well.


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-24

What a quick fix! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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