(Almost) Wood-Fired Pizza with Chanterelles, Egg and Arugula

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Fried eggs and wood oven-baked pizza are two of my all-time favorite foods. So when I first tasted pizza with an egg cooked right on it, I knew it was the start of a love affair. Two perfect (and simple foods) knit together so artfully, I found myself wondering why I had never thought of it before.  For my egg pizza, I wanted flavors that would enhance, not compete with the flavor of the egg. I started with a base of garlic and added lightly sauteed chanterelles. The earthy sweet mushrooms and savory garlic infuse into the egg as it cooks giving you a sumptuous white, and (if you cook it just right) a yolk that is still runny enough to ooze all over your plate when you cut into it.

Of course putting an egg on a pizza is not the difficult part of this whole scheme-- the hard part is creating a respectable pizza in a home kitchen. Pizza ovens can heat up much hotter than your oven can (anywhere from 800- 1000 F). And since my little oven tops out at 500, there’s simply no way that I could get a crust similar to one baked in a real pizza oven, right? Well, sort of. I had heard rumors of a technique to hack a home pizza oven. Heat a cast iron skillet on your stovetop, then bake the pizza on that just a few inches underneath a broiler and you’ve got a cooking environment that looks promisingly like a pizza oven. After half a dozen trials (including one that stripped the precious seasoning right off my iron skillet) I’ve come up with my own version of the home pizza oven trick. And I’m happy to say that it will turn out an excellent pizza.

There are two sections of this instructable: the first part is my method and techniques for achieving a good pizza dough, and for mimicking a wood-fired pizza oven at home. The second part is my recipe for this pizza. If you're just looking for the recipe, you can skip to step 3. Enjoy!
This looks absolutely delicious.
mistyp2 years ago
I'm always looking for more uses for arugula. And your end shot looks fantastic! Thanks!