Aloe vera! more than just a plant!(using a plant to repel snails!)

Want to keep snails away? want to be kind to the enviroment?look no further!
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of What you need.
you will need a spoon, a bowl, water, and of course Aloe Vera.

Step 2: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
Pick the Aloe Vera 3 small spears should do.  To take them off try using a twisting motion while holding the plant down and pulling at once.

Step 3: Making the repelent

Picture of Making the repelent
Fill a bowl with the Aloe Vera spears and about 1- 2 cups of  water.

Step 4: Squish!!!goolp glop!!!

Picture of Squish!!!goolp glop!!!
Stir and mash the Aloe Vera in the bowl with the spoon.

Step 5: Add a little

Picture of add a little
Add a little water and keep stiring unti the Aloe Vera is completely devoid of "meat ".  You should try to pick out the skin or you may leave it in there. 

Step 6: Tadah!!!

Picture of Tadah!!!
Add to a spray bottle and spray over the plants.  The mix should look like green tea.  Because this mixture is still organic and just diluted it will rot.  The mixture has a shelf life of about 1month or so.  If not please leave a comment saying the day of which the Aloe Vera snail repellent expired

Step 7: Please!

Picture of Please!
Lets face it this was pretty good huh? and it works! So please please please leave a comment and rate my Instructable!