Introduction: Alphatrooper Nerf Mod

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Today I am going to show you a few nerf mods

Step 1: Stripping It Down

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First you need to take all the srews out of it and take all the parts out except those in the photo

Step 2: First Mod

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You can take the safety gate and take a piece out of it in the middle like in photo. The reason for this is because it gets really annoying when it closes when you cock it I may need to un jam it or something, so it is a good idea

Step 3: Third Mod

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You are simply going to snap off the one little guide bar ,like in image this makes it easier to unjam

Step 4: Getting Rid of Things You Don't Need

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1 safety gate in image why? Because it is not needed unless you want it
2 the safety piece that does not allow firing sometimes see pic
You are don now just put it back together and I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY BROKEN GUNS!!!


lukes73 (author)2016-04-02

And.... what does it do?

Well it makes it easier to shoot overall and it's just for fun you could put a more powerful spring in and that would work. It's just how you look at it I think it makes the gun look cooler overall.

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