Bored with the average criss-cross way of tieing your shoes? Trick 'em out with these different and stylish ways to tie your shoes, and get out of the shoe tying norm.

This I'Ble also has Lacing methods.
What you need:

2 laces (you can use different colors, i didn't though.)
2 shoes

Step 1: Lattice Lacing Method.

Here we go.

First, take the lace off of your shoe. Then, poke each end of the lace into the two bottom holes. When you're done, it should look like the picture. Try to even the two parts out. The right is grey and the left is black.
Next, take the part on the right and push it into the 3rd hole on the left. Do the opposite for the left part.
Then take the right part again and push it into the 2nd hole on the right. Do the opposite for the left.
Now take the "grey" part and push it into the 1st hole on the left. Again. do the opposite for the left.
Finally, take the "grey" part and push it into the second hole on the right. Once more, do the opposite for the left.

So now you have a pimped out shoe. Check it, dog.

If you didn't get that, try your best to follow the picture, or go to the last step of the instructable for more help.
can u add a vid. plz otherwise awesome <br>
I was messing around with my laces and came up with a style that I like.<br>I haven't seen it anywhere which makes me think I invented it. Reply if you are interested in an i'ble.
so cool!!!!!!!!!!
I'm interested.
Looks kinda like the star of david (apart from the fact that this star has 5 and the star of david has 6) <br>
You could probably modify the technique if you want a star of David with a ring around it, there is a different hexagram pattern here.<br>http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/hexagramlacing.htm<br><br>I will start taking pics for my i'ble tomorrow.
that is pretty sweet. i would tie my shoes like that if you put up an -ible.
this is actually called a square knot.
The square knot is actually called a reef knot.
It was a good start, but try to get better lighting on the actual laces.
ill post a pic later of my shoes, theyre red n white laces n sorta weaved together
Cool, i saw one of my friends with that...It was so cool.
&nbsp;lol i have my shoes like that too i made an instructable a while back on how to do it
If you want a three bowed tie simply get one of the long bits after normal tieing and stick it through the knot.
about 2 years ago I went to the side you gave ( Ians shoelace site) and I have never tied my shoes the same since the way most people tie their shoes (bunny around the tree and in the hole or whatever) is horrible compared to those:)
nice one dud i like your shoes where;d you get em?
i got them at Land's End.

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