Altered Game Piece Pendant Necklace





Introduction: Altered Game Piece Pendant Necklace

I created my Frida Pendant from a Toy Story Memory Game card. I purchased the game at a garage sale and could not wait to repurpose the game pieces.

I tried a new technique for the background. I used a piece of paper torn from a damaged book as a base layer. I then used gesso, watercolor crayons and plain old Crayolas to give the background some color. The Frida image I used is from Dilly Beans. I colored Frida with MS Paint and then gave her cheeks a little blush with chalk. The butterfly is from Dover clipart. The pendant is embellished with two black metal snaps and one shiny red rhinestone.

Don't throw away your children's discarded puzzles and games. These items are treasures just waiting for you to transform them. I'm going to make some more pendants and maybe some brooches out of the rest of these cards. I could also use them for magnets...endless possibilites.

This necklace is available in my Etsy Store.



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