Introduction: Altered Paint Brush

There is nothing I love more than altering house hold items, spoons, bottle caps anything that I can get my hands on really. Here; I have chosen Paint brushes, with animal theme. I like to use fun and practical items for my alterations with so much out there available in products these days there is really no limit to the styles, and designs we can come up with.

I enjoy that these little projects give me the opportunity to express my own feelings and emotions. to affect mine or the recipient. My hope is that these little sculptures will Become some inspiration and invoke joy all whom see it.

Tools and Materials

- Paint brush size about 1'1/2 and up

- Artiest plaster wrap

- Chipboard/cereal box

- Gesso

- DecoArts paints All purpose satin

- Paint brushes to paint

- Thin craft wire for whiskers

- heat gun to dry

- E600 for whiskers


Apply you Plaster around the brush where you would like the face and work you way down the neck of brush, Decide if you require ears for your project than at this time then made card ears and covered them with plaster and attach to head as well adding the face and let dry, in my case I chose to heat set dry with heating/ drying tool. then Gesso the whole brush two coats to make better coverage then dry or let dry. After all is thoroughly dry you will begin to paint, making shad and shadows where you feel you need them as well as highlights. Last thing to add is Whiskers and i glued them down with E6000.

For more details and to watch how i made them please watch my video.

Thank you

Ilene McInnes


amberrayh (author)2015-11-20

Your animal paint brushes are really cute! I like how the actual brush looks like hair. Did you end up making a stand for them? Thanks for sharing!

Ilene Mcinnes made it! (author)amberrayh2015-11-20

I filled a rectangular clear vase with sand to stand them love how they look, Thanks for checking them out.

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