Picture of Altering Short Sleeve T-shirts To Long Sleeve T-shirts
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I have a lot of empathy for people that have a difficult time buying clothing that fits.  My husband is tall and thin. Shoes, socks, long sleeve shirts, and coats are always a problem to find.  When he does find them they are so expensive and the choices are few.  He likes the western style because the fit is a more tailored fit.  Many years ago I decided to try my hand at making him some western shirts.  I made them for a very long time.  It cost me just as much to make them as to buy them because of the expense of the fabric, snaps, thread, pattern, and interfacing.  Then finally we were able to buy them JC Penny's.  About two years ago they quit stocking his favorite shirt in his size.  So now we are back to making them. Tonight I whipped out a long sleeve t-shirt that fit him in the sleeves.  It needs more tailoring but we were very happy with the results.   

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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1 Long sleeve t-shirt
1 Short sleeve t-shirt 
Matching thread
Tape measure or yardstick
Sewing machine or can be sewn by hand or sewing tape.  
KittyF3 years ago
good ible. I used this method to turn some cheap shorts into walking shorts for cool weather. saved about ten dollars a pair doing that.
sunshiine (author)  KittyF3 years ago
Thanks for sharing and have a splendid week!
sunshiine (author) 3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It was very easy to make. We live in a warm winter climate and usually a long sleeve shirt is plenty warm for the outdoors most of the time. Have a great day!
Very nice and simple!