Picture of Alternative Christmas Tree 2013
Continuing our family tradition here is the alternative Christmas tree for 2013. This year as all years everyone in the family comes up with the designs and we sort through them until we come to some conclusion of who had the best idea. Then we all work on that one design to make it even better. Also, with some minor exceptions, we try to free source the main parts of the tree. This year with the exception of the knitted throw we had everything.

Step 1: Materals & Tools

Picture of Materals & Tools
To make this years tree you will need:

-A knitted throw
-Christmas tree stand
-Long thin strips of hardwood (one should be able to get these for free from a wood shop, these scraps are usually floating around)                                                             
-8 foot 4 x 4 or 2 x 4, to use as the center mast
-Various size drywall screws

& these tools
-Tape measure (not totally necessary, but helpful)
-Drill with drillbits and screw tip
-Saw electric or hand

Although there may seem like a lot of instructions, this is a pretty straightforward simple to do tree, that is very freeform so there really is no wrong.
mdeblasi11 year ago
You are my kind of people!!
casaroonc (author)  mdeblasi11 year ago
chabias1 year ago
Very clever idea! I really enjoyed seeing your past Alt-trees too, but really love the afghan tree. The ripples really make it beautiful. Faved and voted.
casaroonc (author)  chabias1 year ago
Thank You.
What a cool idea!
supereric1 year ago
Totally neat-o. Love it.
casaroonc (author)  supereric1 year ago
nanaverm1 year ago
What a great way to honor a Grannie's handiwork!
casaroonc (author)  nanaverm1 year ago
& we rescued “Grannie’s handiwork” from the thrift shop bin-o-blankets.
Soprych1 year ago
So sorry to go Amy Farrah Fowler on you but the afghan is crocheted not knit. Nope not knit at all. Love the idea beautiful execution but the is not a knitted throw
casaroonc (author)  Soprych1 year ago
The mislabeling is definitely my fault. My wife told me to write crocheted afghan.

That’ll learn me :-o
sojustask1 year ago
That is a great use for an old crocheted ripple afghan. Or even one made for the project. Love the look, it's very modern as well as warm and inviting.
casaroonc (author)  sojustask1 year ago

I don’t think I could Crochet that though :-)
3366carlos1 year ago
very good, save all those real trees.
casaroonc (author)  3366carlos1 year ago
growing and chopping christmas trees is perfectly sustainable and in fact most research shows that it is environmentally beneficial!!!!
casaroonc (author)  getoffamycloud1 year ago
I don’t disagree with that. Nor is it why we started doing this. Its about creativity, Togetherness, & collaboration. Oh yah & fun with kids.
Wood is used as the structure. Trees are still dying.
casaroonc (author)  Jeremy10261 year ago
Recycled wood. & I will use the wood again(At least the 4x4), when I am done with it here.
Tazmjm691 year ago
Very cool idea! You would never know from a distance that it's a throw.
fred271 year ago
A great tradition and I like this one. Not so sure about the previous versions though.
casaroonc (author)  fred271 year ago
Thanks. They have all been fun to make, & each has had its time in our life.
I like the crochet afghan best, thanks for sharing.
casaroonc (author)  rosewood5131 year ago
Yah, its pretty groovy. But they have all been fun, & had their place each year in our house.

In fact we liked last years tree (the chairs) so much, that its still standing in our house (in another room) as a sculpture. Without the lights of course.
action pig1 year ago
This one is my favorite but I like them all! Cool tradition!
casaroonc (author)  action pig1 year ago