Alternative Christmas Tree





Introduction: Alternative Christmas Tree

Over the last number of years my family has made our tree instead of buying one. This year I decided to make an Instructable as we made it hope it inspirers you creativity!

Things you will need
-Tree Stand
-Drill (cordless or corded) with bit for driving screws
-drill bits
-2" & 3" drywall screws
-Christmas Lights

Step 1: Collecting Parts for Your Tree

For the purpose of this Instructable I will stick to the methods used to assemble this tree, obviously one can modify to fit ones needs.

We when't on a family outing in the woods trying to find a good size branch(already dead) to use as the main trunk of the tree. This year we wanted a little bonsai feel, so we picked a "trunk" that had lots of bends. We also collected branches of various sizes to attach to the "trunk" branch. Note; I took this photo after we had started assembling, so the "trunk" branch is not in this photo.

Step 2: Assembling Your Tree

We use a Christmas tree stand to hold the "trunk", but there are a number of ways one could make it stand up. it really helps to have at least two people for this part. Not so much for the extra hand as for the extra eyes.

After mounting the main "trunk" its time to add the branches. Heres where the extra eyes come in to play. Start with the larger ones one person moves the branch up and down and/or around the "trunk" until they get the ok from the extra eyes. Don't be afraid to switch branches if you can't make it work. You may need to make a cut at the end of the branch so it will be easy to attach, or you can pass it buy the back and screw it that way. I used a countersink bit so the wood would not split.

Repeat this process until you feel that there are enough branches for the look you are trying to achieve.

Step 3: Decorate

Decorate and enjoy!



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    It looks like something from Silent Hill. I think it wants to murder me.

    This is great. I did something similar but cemented all the branches in a pot and then trimmed them into the shape of a tree. I sprayed the whole thing white after. It was beautiful. We make our tree every year and don't bother to kill a living tree just to decorate our home for a month. This year I plan on stacking them horizontally!

    1 reply

    By not buying a living tree to kill, a replacement isnt planted and one fewer living thing is brought into existence.

    This is awesome! Just might try this next year.

    So whimsical and pretty! Cool idea, and would be great as a party decoration, too

    1 reply

    Indeed it would. Thanks.

    great idea, save a tree. it would be easy to take apart, store and reuse next year.

    I love it! It is swoopy and graceful. My first thought was a Dr. Seuss tree.

    1 reply

    Thank you. Nice to receive a comment so long after it has been a thought in my mind.

    haha, that's what mum does for a Christmas tree..

    easy and very pretty. well done!

    My cousins do a similar thing that people might like: tumbleweeds.

    They live in Utah, where there are lots of tumbleweeds. They keep an eye out all year for a big one growing near the road. When Christmas comes, they go get it, spray paint it with fake frost, and they're set to jet. It looks awesome.

    Thanks. I actually worked for him once.

    ohhh really?
    Now I'm Jealous !
    Send him my Regards when you see him again!

    Very nice.. I have doubts that I could pull this off as well as you. Convincing my wife to allow it would be a whole other problem :-D

    1 reply

    Thanks. My wife was instrumental in this creation, but I understand.


    I'll stick with my Festivus pole :P

    Just kidding, I love bare wood tree ornaments. Beautifully simple, simply beautiful :)