Over the last number of years my family has made our tree instead of buying one. This year I decided to make an Instructable as we made it hope it inspirers you creativity!

Things you will need
-Tree Stand
-Drill (cordless or corded) with bit for driving screws
-drill bits
-2" & 3" drywall screws
-Christmas Lights

Step 1: Collecting Parts for Your Tree

For the purpose of this Instructable I will stick to the methods used to assemble this tree, obviously one can modify to fit ones needs.

We when't on a family outing in the woods trying to find a good size branch(already dead) to use as the main trunk of the tree. This year we wanted a little bonsai feel, so we picked a "trunk" that had lots of bends. We also collected branches of various sizes to attach to the "trunk" branch. Note; I took this photo after we had started assembling, so the "trunk" branch is not in this photo.
<p>It looks like something from Silent Hill. I think it wants to murder me.</p>
This is great. I did something similar but cemented all the branches in a pot and then trimmed them into the shape of a tree. I sprayed the whole thing white after. It was beautiful. We make our tree every year and don't bother to kill a living tree just to decorate our home for a month. This year I plan on stacking them horizontally!
<p>By not buying a living tree to kill, a replacement isnt planted and one fewer living thing is brought into existence.</p>
<p>This is awesome! Just might try this next year.</p>
So whimsical and pretty! Cool idea, and would be great as a party decoration, too
Indeed it would. Thanks.
great idea, save a tree. it would be easy to take apart, store and reuse next year.
I love it! It is swoopy and graceful. My first thought was a Dr. Seuss tree.
haha, that's what mum does for a Christmas tree..
easy and very pretty. well done!
My cousins do a similar thing that people might like: tumbleweeds.<br><br>They live in Utah, where there are lots of tumbleweeds. They keep an eye out all year for a big one growing near the road. When Christmas comes, they go get it, spray paint it with fake frost, and they're set to jet. It looks awesome.
Something like &quot;a la Tim Burton&quot;<br>I loved it!
Thanks. I actually worked for him once.
ohhh really?<br>Now I'm Jealous !<br>:D<br>Send him my Regards when you see him again!
Nice. <br> <br>I like it.
Very nice.. I have doubts that I could pull this off as well as you. Convincing my wife to allow it would be a whole other problem :-D
Thanks. My wife was instrumental in this creation, but I understand.
I'll stick with my Festivus pole :P<br><br>Just kidding, I love bare wood tree ornaments. Beautifully simple, simply beautiful :)

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