Alternative Attachment of Skateboard Trucks, Boa Technology





Introduction: Alternative Attachment of Skateboard Trucks, Boa Technology

This is my first instructable, so it probably won't be so great. And my drawing skills are not good, but here it goes. For this project i wanted to be able to have a skateboard that i could fold up into a suitcase or some small case, store in my backpack after skating to class, then whip it out after class, assemble it quickly and be on my way. I tried many different ways for the foldable part to work and well basically failed many times, spent more money than you would believe on that, so thats still in the works (let me know if you have any ideas on how to get that part to work). But in this process i found a pretty useful way to attach trucks to a skateboard, which allows for easy changing of trucks and wheels, and i've found works just as well as nuts and bolts but is 20x faster for changes made once set up and leaves the board still very functionable compared to a standard skateboard (the boa dials could get messed up from boardslides ect., but if your good nobody really slides that part of the board anyways)

Step 1: The Materials

for this project there are a few crucial materials that are needed. the boa reel system i took of some snowboard boots. the boa website shows how to remove the lacing and replace it. getting the boa part off of the boot took some work. of course you need a complete skateboard too, small screws, and some type of saw. check out the pictures for a better explanation.

Step 2: Setting It All Up

heres how to set it up. sorry i dont have any actual pictures, i tried to go even further and make the board be able to fold up and ended up completly messing up the board.

Step 3: The Foldable Skateboard Step, Yet to Be Finished...

so thats the instructable on that part, its nice if you like to carry your skateboard in stores and stuff and dont want it sticking out a bunch, so you can take the trucks off real quick throw them in your backpack and then the deck can slide in your backpack and just hang out a bit. the foldable part is the hard part, and i think it would be the best part and make this project so much sweeeter. i was trying to use the BOA system to connect the board after making cuts in it...not the easiest thing to accomplish, check out the mess i made. let me know if you have any ideas on how to do this...



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    wow sposts are now over 7 yrs old on this site.

    I don't understand why people keep trying to make these folding boards and random sh*t. skating has been around for many years now and the reason you don't see production boards like this is because it doesn't work. Simple is better, and if you really need a board thats more portable, get a smaller board. I have seen and rode a board that was 15" long, good luck makin a board that will fold up that small and still work.

    hmm nice instructable but the boa technology can be improvised as used for roof boarding. basically a truckless skateboard is needed but I used to skate to my mates to do this and the screws were a pain till I came up with high strength cord through the original holes and the trucks holes, the trick to making it stable was a piece of wood in between that spanned the width of my board, stopping the trucks from tilting as much. then the cord went through the three hole sets and mad something ridabl for 5 miles (minimal tricks) but I used a slipknot and any strong bit of junk as a tool for tightening. roof boarding BTW is fun and dangerous but I might make an instructable on it....

    Sorry, but if you attach the reel with screws, why not mount the trucks with mounting hardware???

    for the BOA system why dont you put hinges on that line where you made the cut and on the underside you put a locking device that holds it in place.

    dude, its a skateboard, leave it whole, stop thinking and skate

    wow thats soo cool!!

    ok heres where i get laughed at. My friend snapped a bolt hole on his truck so we just zip-tied(cable ties, temporary handcuffs or w/e) his trucks on. if you could carry a blade wit you and a pack of ties id say you got a solution right there. :::::::;:;:;:::;;;;;:::::::::;::;;:;;:;;:;;:;;;;;;: Im still in highschool i put mine in a locker : P

    i always was trying to make this idea, but more for getting home from the bus stop causes i have a long walk to my house. anyway, i always thot u cood just cut a board in half, and get a door hinge, hinge the,m together on the bottom, that way when u stand on it, the hinge wont fold when pressure is applied. just an idea, now are you going to use this for tricks or just riding. i am going to just ride home. but i am interested in your method of the snowboard slide in. tell me if you get this thing to work. thank you