video Alternative to Scheffler solar kitchens
Scheffler solar kitchens are a great solar cooking option.  He has designed a paraboloid that he mounts at one end of an equatorial axis and he puts the kitchen at the other.   The paraboloid rotates slowly all day and the sun shines into the kitchen on the one spot all day too. This provides heat for direct cooking or alternatively heat can be accumulated in a high heat capacity substance  for cooking later on.
To account for the changes in seasons, he changes the shape of the parabolid.
This  video is about a potential low tech alternative to that method.  Instead of using one  paraboloid and contorting it, it uses 2 parabolic dishes of the same size to counterbalance each other and has cooking pots or heat storage at both ends of the equatorial axis.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-bj0guW0k0 is the newest with slight modifications to the model (showing clearly that both hot spots are stationary, etc)  and an explanation of the liquid piston tracker too.
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If you are clear on how equatorial mount works, check it out now.
If not, misconceptions might cloud your judgement.