Step 6: New Alternator In

Picture of New Alternator In
Reversing your steps exactly, place the new alternator in position, and lower the shroud. Tighten the shroud bolts, and re-secure any wiring that was on the shroud. Slide the strap towards you, over the stand, and tighten. Replace the 4 alternator shroud bolts.

Replace the distributor and carburetor. Re-wire the automatic choke if necessary. Replace the B+ and light wires on the alternator.
josefski3 years ago
Just fyi: I had a volkswagen in which I replaced the alternator and after doing so the fan started rattling in a rhythmic fashion (you'll know it if you hear it). After months of frustration an old man at a volkswagen shop informed me that there is supposed to be a shim the thickness of about three business cards between the stand and the alternator. So cut a piece out of the back of a notepad and put it in there. Problem solved. Now you know, just in case.
hirod3 (author)  josefski3 years ago
great tip! thanks :)
josefski hirod33 years ago
Glad to make suggestions. I only do so because I have such traumatic memories of this experience. It was awful! I had replaced the squirrel cage, messed with shims, tightened every nut. I even drilled holes and put screws in the squirrel cage in order to balance it. The second I put that shim in there, problem solved! But boy...the mountain I had to climb before I found that old guru. Phew! I loved that car, but it was a quirky little bugger.