Ever Wondered You can measure Pressure,Altitude and Temperature at The Same Time.......Yesssss This can Be Done WIth The Famous BMP180 Sensor and Mediatek LinkitOne Board........

Lets Begin...

Step 1: Requirements


Mediatek LinkIt One Board

Connecting Wires


Step 2: Connections

Vin : 3V3 on Board

GND : Gnd

SCL : Serial Clk Line on Board

SDA. : Serial Data Line On Board

Step 3: The Coding Part

I have Uploaded The Code and the Header File....Upload the Code and Have Fun.......

You have Succcesfully Interfaced BmP180 with the Board....

<p>can we use a arduino uno instead?</p>
<p>yes absolutely</p>
<p>Hi! the file bm180int.ino cant be opened with my program</p>
try opening in arduino ide

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