Introduction: Altoid Fake Tazer

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This instructable will teach you how to make a circuit that makes a tazing sound when you touch it to someone. This project will not harm anyone. It is just a fake.

Step 1: Materials

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To make the project, you need the following:
-Altoid Container
-PC Board (Radioshack-$2.00)
-2 NPN Transistors
-9 Volt Battery
-Piezo Transducer (Noise-Maker)
-0.47 uF 50v Capacitor
-9v Battery Clip
-Wire (insulated)
-100K Resistor

Step 2: Step One: Setting It Up

1. Make a hole in the front of the Altoids container just big enough so the phototransistor can fit through and stick out.

2. Put all of the components into the holes of the PC Board, evenly spaced, but only taking up half of the board. Make sure the Phototransistor is in the middle of the front of the board, so it can stick out the hole int the Altoids container.

Step 3: Step 2: the Circuit

Connect the + lead of the battery clip to the middle transformer lead. Connect the middle transformer lead to one side of the 100K resistor. Connect the same side of the 100K resistor to the phototransistor (opposite the flat side).  Connect the other side of the phototransistor to the base of transistor 1. Connect the emitter of transistor 1 to the emitter of transistor 2. Connect the emitter of transistor 2 to the - lead of the battery clip. Connect the collector of transistor 1 to the - of the capacitor and the base of transistor 2.  Connect the base of transistor 2 to the other side of the 100K resistor.  Connect the collector of transistor 2 to the left transformer prong. Connect the left transformer prong to the - lead of the piezo transducer. Connect the + lead of the piezo transducer to the right prong of the transformer. Connect the right prong of the transformer to the + lead of the capacitor.

Step 4: Making It Work

To make the tazer work, put the PC board in the Altoids container carefully, letting the phototransistor stick out of the hole in the Altoid container.  Make sure the piezo transducer is on top of the board, and connect the battery clip to the battery. Put the battery on top of the board where there is no components. Close the lid, and touch the front of the coontainer (with the phototransistor sticking out) to your pants or shirt. It should make a buzzing, electrifying sound.
HAVE FUN!  Disconnect the battery after use, or the Altoid box will wake you up at night!

Troubleshooting: Make sure all wires are connected, even the battery clip
                                Make sure you are touching the project hard enough to your clothing

Step 5: Circuit Diagram


tim1 (author)2011-01-11

I agree with kiteman

xBRAZZMATAZZx (author)2010-12-19

why would you make a fake on i made a real one and i scared the crap out of my friends

Kiteman (author)2009-11-21

You need some images of you actually making this, and of the finished item, not just googled images of the components.

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