video Altoid Guitar
when i posted the slideshow, i never thought of posting a video of it, and how it sounds, so here it is. i just used a lighter for the slide (works surprisingly well). keep your eyes peeled for the instructable!!
AJD421 year ago
Possibly a video or something else explaning how to do it
fpacella2 years ago
I think it's funny that people are suggesting ways to play various songs using tabs. The guitar has no frets!

you inspired me to make one for my physics project... video is me playing mary had a little lamb on it lol
aarobro565 years ago
I made one and it sounds exactly like that, but i only used a paintstick from Lowes, an altoids tin, 3 guitar strings, some duct tape, screws and a Queen of clubs card.
4chan1016 years ago
where do you get the tuning pegs?
darkdragonv6 years ago
To play bad to the bone go 0-5-3-0 in the beat of the song on any string(probably the lowest) the 5,3,and 0 refer to the fret(space) number
i had that picture as my myspace background.
sorry if i offended anyone...
i had that picture as my myspace background.
that deep purple song is 0-3-5-0-3-6-5-0-3-5-3-0 playing tabs
by 'that deep purple song' you mean smoke on the water and that is played on the low e string
rip333 Izokay6 years ago
no it's not its played on the d and g strings.
Yeah, get to know your guitar stuff before you try to show off, GOSH!!!
I do play guitar and the way I learned is on the low e string
rip333 Izokay6 years ago
That's how i figured out to play it to, but it's supposed to be played on D & G.
=SMART=7 years ago
Holy pancakes bumpus thats awesome ! oh btw i like the orange shirt :D the spirit of instructables !
whenz the INSTRUCTABLE? im waiting... good job by the way.
bumpus (author)  fancypenguin8457 years ago
i've collected quite a few different projects, some are musical, i need to get more supplies so i can do the step by step tutorial clear, btw thanks for the comment
Awesome job, I can't wait until you post an Instructable, this thing is going to be awesome.
darth2o7 years ago
I WANT TO MAKE IT! I'll be waiting for that instructable.
Me too.