Altoid Guitar





Introduction: Altoid Guitar

After seeing TimAnderson's Bedpost Banjo, I had the idea to make one out of what else, an Altoid tin. The guitar sounds quite mandolin-ish, besides the two stings that are on it, I might even (when i get the chance) I might put in an electric pick-up in it. If you have any questions about the guitar feel free to ask, I might even make a whole instructable on it. Thanks for your time, comments are appreciated.



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    Looks pretty easy to me,I bet I can make one with a Pokemon tin I don't need,I just need to cut out the plastic window,and use that as a sound hole

    I'm to lazy to make a tuning peg thing,I'll just go buy some wood and strings,I'll make a instructable in about an hour

    "i'll make an instructable in about an hour"

    4 years later, the people are still waiting XD

    Great Instructable! If anyone is looking for a cheap alternative for a guitar string, use DENTAL FLOSS! Just wind a few lengths of cord together and your done! I've already made a few guitar strings and it works great!

    Please make an instructable on this. I want to make one for my son but not smart enough to do it from pictures...

    Thanks for this. My son has to make a musical instrument for a school project and this is perfect.

    the part at the altoid tin end holding the strings; is it connected to the altoid container or to the ruler and does it matter? Is the tin just glued to the ruler?

    cool i made one to after seeing this ( it only had 1 string tho :(

    what's the nut?

    i believe it is a sliding marker that is seldom included in some rulers. he must have adhered it in place