Altoid Smoker


Introduction: Altoid Smoker

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Let's see if we can give ourselves some kind of metal poisoning!

Step 1: What You Need

An Altoid Tin

A screw or nail

Hammer Of Thor

Magnets (optional)

Step 2: What to Do

It's obvious. Make a s@$! load of holes in the tin with the hammer and nail or screw.

Step 3: Use

Add this to your grill, either gas or charcoal. Put it in beside or on the coals, or put it on or by the burners. I used the magnets hold it in place.

You'll probably want to burn off the paint before use.

And do it at your own risk of metal/paint poisoning!



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    bill you spelled burning wrong, Friendly reminder ;)

    I would be more worried about the stuff that tin is coated with birning off and getting on my food

    Thank you!

    Explaining a little about how we could smoke meat with it, would also help a lot...

    What wood do you use? Should we cover the meat to get it smoked correctly. Should we start with wet wood or just dry? Is there any difference in the smoked meat depending of the wood we use? Do fishes get smoked with the same wood?

    What about using dry leaves to make the smoke?

    You might think that all my questions are too obvious. But for me are just what I need to get started.

    Thank you, again!

    1 reply

    this guy right here *slowclap* .... op has no time for a drill press let alone you...