Step 1: Materials

Here are the things I put in my kit! 1) 2 small bags 2) 2 cotton swabs 3) 1 knife sharpener 4) small pocket knife 5) rubber bands (didn't have any good ones) :( 6) tooth picks 7) 5 pieces of stride gum 8) 2 birthday candles ( used for putting wax over the matches and Cotten balls to make them water proof) 9) a few little packs of sweet n low for (energy boost) 10)5-10 matches 11) electric tape 12) Pencil with caped eraser cap 13) twisty ties 14) Some string 15) 2 Cotten balls 16) some band aids 17) safety pins 18) 3 peices of wriggles gum 19) a little bit of paper towel (to help with fire 20) 2 match stricker pads (mine are tape to the top of the altoid box 21) yes, of course the altoid box ( not small, regular sized) Also I recommend some: neonsporin, Advil or Tylenol, some cash 5-10 bucks and some coiled up wire.

Step 2: You Now Have Your Own Altoid Survival Kit!

Always keep this altoid box in a place you will know where it is. Thanks looking at my intrutctable...comment.
please remove this instructable. it is an exact copy of another posted in Aug. 2009

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