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Hello everybody i'm back with this NEW and COOL Altoid Survival Tin, so let us get started.

Step 1: Why?

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So here is my survival tin and it will help keep you alive with food in your belly and heat in your hands (p.s. i will explain later.) Something good to know is that this survival kit has a fishing kit inside of it. Now on with the show of how to build this.

Step 2: How to Build This

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So if you want to build this just follow the pictures.

Step 3: Things to Do


one battery can be wrapped in the tin foil to make a hand warmer.

the fishing kit can be taken alone to the fishing spot.

the paper and pen can be used to write messages.

the money can be used to get a ride.

now if you think of any other things to put in here or that the stuff in here can be used for

please leave a comment.


BarryMcGowan (author)2017-12-09

what are you supposed to do with the cross?

you can use it for mass on Sunday.

luke seech (author)2017-12-08

i love it

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