Picture of Altoids Tin Pocket Date MoJo Kit
Look Now! Something that every single man needs to have on hand & in pocket! If you ever have had the chance for a spontaneous, spur of the moment date, you will have wanted to have this MoJo kit in your pocket ready to go! Ever been asked on a date or seen a potential date and you just weren't prepared enough and you had to turn it down? Now you will be confident and ready to have a date out anytime! Included is everything you need for a romantic, fun & exciting date. Everything except the date! Look at this as a self full filling prophecy of sorts. Making a MoJo kit is an affirmation of one of life's greatest dreams! Grab a tin to alter and make and Go For It!
All you need is an Altoids or similar tin. Some silk or velvet material to line it with, inside and out. optional ribbon and multi-position chart. The perfect accouterments to fit inside. Preparing you for your next spontaneous date! Feel lucky? It's your lucky day! Feel like dreaming big? Come get started! Only you can do it! My suggestions and advice are sure to help!

Included are hints and tips on preparing for a date in real life. Getting the first kiss. How to get a phone number, touching, why "Love is blind? And more.
Lkymama1 year ago
That is great! I am going to make on for my single boys...thanks!
myrrhmaid (author)  Lkymama1 year ago
They are fun to make. I want to do some other ones too. I love miniatures & creating these little compact environs.
Cool. Good advice and funny. I've only actually asked for a first kiss a couple times. Now I wish I had asked more often.
myrrhmaid (author)  donedirtcheap1 year ago
Thanks! Did asking work? Did they say yes?
It does work. But I never asked anyone I wasn't pretty sure of getting a favorable response from.
The best part of asking is that the electricity factor goes up exponentially because I am essentially telling her what I intend on doing to her and then waiting for her to fall into that power and desire. If she doesn't acquiesce then it wouldn't have been a good kiss anyway so no big loss. But if she says yes then it is best to take time and get it right- no rushing in. Once she says yes then every additional second it takes to get my lips to hers makes it better when they finally meet.
I have to differ with you though. I think lips should start Relaxed and then be slightly pursed once they touch. Don't ever offer hard lips to someone.
kornellas4 years ago
props yo. I wasn't sure what this was going to be all about.. but there is some really good advice here. :)
Rainman7155 years ago
You could always leave acouple of Altoids in there (if you havent already eaten them)
ilpug5 years ago
i might also add tic tacs, and some hand sanitizer. you dont want to get germs all over the other person if some feelin' occurs.
Biggsy5 years ago
dont forget breath mints! Seriously guys.... Mints
railgunguy6 years ago
are holy icons necessary? or is that just for people who need some "extra help o' da lord?"
myrrhmaid (author)  railgunguy6 years ago
No any necklace with a pendant will do. It can be from your favorite rock band, a pentacle, a crystal, or even dog tags!
Honest and simple question. Why?
It's more symbolic than anything, like a Wedding Ring. It's just a way of showing your devotion.
 I'm using a glowstick as mine
Gage9875 years ago
" The Comma Sutra "  Wow