Introduction: Altoid Survival Kit!

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you might want a portable survival kit and can't fit it into your pocket, but now you can!

Step 1: The Things You Need!

you will need: Sorry I don't have pictures. Sorry.

1. Altoid tin box

2. Band aids

3. Fish hook


5. Swiss Army knife or a pocket knife

6. Gum (optional)

7. Tissues

8. Any medicine you might need

9. A dollar or some coins.

10. Pencil

11. Paper


Ejammer101 (author)2015-06-05

this is just a list of things you can put in it. Sorry for cunfusion

Blazingspiker (author)2015-02-02

Umm... Ok? I guess is good cuz it has every =thing i nedd but im not sure it would all fit...

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