Step 2: Like a Hot Knife Through Bubble Wrap

Picture of Like a Hot Knife Through Bubble Wrap
thats my BernzOmatic butane torch, i got it for about $20 from a local Orchard Supply Hardware. pretty cool piece of kit that can be a torch, couple different soldering iron tips, and a hot knife; add in the sponge and solder inside that case and it's really useful for soldering where electrical outlets aren't.

you light the iron by pushing a spring loaded collar forward, which exposes that left hole you can see in the second pic. turn the power to 4 and hold a flame to the hole. after a few seconds the catalyst inside the tube (between the two holes you see) gets hot and you can release the collar and the iron is on. be careful because the exhaust port is that right hole, and as you can see it will vent directly down onto whatever youre hot knifing. if i didn't hold the knife at a steep angle the exhaust would have melted my bubble wrap

be careful you dont make the same mistake i did and trace the outer perimeter of the tin and cut to that, i should have made everything about one row of bubbles smaller so it would fit inside the case.